October 7, 2016

Clionadh Cosmetics: Highlighters Review

Hey guys, I'll be reviewing yet another new Instagram Indie brand! They're called Clionadh Cosmetics! This Canadian brand is owned by Maggie and Leigh Cavanaugh. They sell a large variety of highlighters! They do everything themselves, such as creating the product, design, photography and much more! They launched their brand at the end of August, so they're still fairly new! However, I'm just so impressed with how well this brand has developed and progressed!  You guys are going to see in this review that their products are just so unique and different! Like guys, they have such stunning highlighter shades! There's something for every skin tone! If you follow me on Instagram (@divyapatel_mua), then you already saw the swatches! They have one of the best formulas in the market! 

Clionadh Cosmetics!

Starting off with the packaging! The package that I received was really nicely presented. It was just so colorful with unique patterns on them! The patterns are different for each highlighter! They come in pans, so you'll need a Z Palette or something to store them in! The pans are huge! They're 42mm and come with 6g (except for a few of their one-offs)! It's a really nice amount! They can retail anywhere from $16 to $23CAD depending on the highlighter that you pick! They also have bundles, which is a great way to save! You can purchase their highlighters only on their website here. All their products are vegan and cruelty-free! Most of the highlighters are multi-purpose, so you could use them on your eyes, face and lips (please check their website to see the few exceptions)! They also ship worldwide! 

How cute is the packaging?!

Let's talk about the shade range! So, the embossing is different for each highlighter! They cater towards multiple skin tones by creating variations. I'll elaborate on this when I break down the shades that I received! They have the "Deity Series", which is their official line (all the highlighters that I got sent are a part of this line)! There's a mixture of one tone and marble shades! Some shades like "Llyr" come with two different colors, so it gives you 3 different ways to wear them. The Deity Series is definitely very unique with a ton of choices! They also have "One-Offs", which are limited edition! So, this section always has new and different shades, because these highlighters are made from extra leftover pigments! That's why they're always different and so limited! So, if you see something that you like in this section, you may want to purchase it ASAP! Lastly, they have the custom section. Now, this is definitely a genius idea! They let you customize your own shade! How cool is that?! You have a choice between one tone, striped, quad or marble highlighters. You also pick your desired shade! You can pick up to 5 shades per custom highlighter! So, if you don't find anything in the Deity Series or the One-Offs, you can just custom your own shade! This gives you the chance to recreate the shade of any limited edition highlighter that you been dying to get! If you think that's amazing, just wait until we get to the formula section!  

How stunning are these shades!

The formula you guys, I just can't! They're so well formulated! They're SUPER pigmented and buttery smooth! They just feel so creamy on your skin! The texture is better than most high end brands out there! They also blend like a dream! If they're too intense for your preference,  you can easily sheer them out! You can also easily build them up! They don't emphasize any pores! They also wear for a good 10-12 hours! The finish varies depending on which shade you choose! Some shades are more on the satin side, while others have shimmer with a metallic finish! You can use any brush to apply these highlighters! I personally use a synthetic fan brush! Here are the shades that I received:

Swatches of all 3 shades!

1)Llyr: This shade is a split pan, so it comes with 2 shades. Half of it is a pink toned purple with a violet iridescent and the other half is a light blue silver with micro shimmer! It gives you the choice of wearing each shade individually or mixing them together! You also have control over making your highlight appear more purple or blue, it really just depends on your preference! That's what I love about these! You're paying to basically get 2 highlighters! Llyr is definitely a unique shade! It gives you a break from gold and champagne highlighters! It's the perfect shade to help you step out of your comfort zone! The finish is between a metallic and a satin! The purple tone is definitely a soft metallic, whereas the blue tone is packed with shimmer with that same soft metallic finish! This highlighter works well with any skin tone!


Here is Llyr on my skin tone! I sheered it out for my preference! It's definitely a unique statement color!

2)Slaine: This is a stunning rose base with reflective gold! This duochrome shade has a strong shimmery metallic finish! This is just a one tone shade, but it's definitely suitable for all skin tones! You can easily sheer out this shade or build it up! This is more of a night time highlighter, but you can actually wear it with any makeup look! I've used this on my eyes and it's absolutely stunning! If you love gold or rosey highlighters, Slaine is a must have!

What Slaine looks like on! It's packed with a lot more shimmer! I love the rose base to this shade!

3)Clionadh "Dark": This is the shade that I wore the most! This shade is a marble, so it has a mixture of bronze, magenta and accents of fuchsia! The cool thing about this marble shade is that even though it looks like it's a deep bronze, it has a few lighter areas,so that you can lighten up this shade! When I looked at this shade, I automatically thought that it would be too dark! Once I put it on, it blew my mind! It just looked so stunning and complimented my skin! It didn't look dark at all! So, it's really cool how Clionadh Dark can still look beautiful on light or medium skin! It just depends where you dip your brush! This is how they cater towards so many skin tones; each pan has variations for different skin tones, which is such an amazing idea! When I swirl my brush into all the areas, it's a gorgeous medium bronzey champagne shade! It's actually so gorgeous and unique! 
Clionadh Dark

What Clionadh Dark looks on me! As mentioned, it really depends where you dip your brush! I mainly focused it on the lighter areas for this look! I'm beyond obsessed with this shade!

Overall, I highly recommend these! I love all these 3 shades and can't wait to try their other shades! They're honestly amazing and you get your moneys worth! This brand just gives you so many options between shades and finishes that you just can't go wrong! I actually bought a Z Palette just to collect all their shades! It'll be great for my kit! Trust me when I say that these are a must have! They just launched their Fall collection, so go check it out! Their Instagram is @clionadhcosmetics and their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/clionadhcosmetics/. They also created a shade for Breast Cancer Awareness this month called Blushed! They'll be donating 50% of the proceeds to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! I just love it when brands do amazing things like that! It's the little gestures that matter! I'm just so obsessed with this brand, like I have nothing but positive things to say about them! So, that concludes this review!  Has anyone purchased these highlighters? What are your thoughts on them? 

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